When I take the colours, shapes and smell of the day and night, weather and seasons, and began to put them on the canvas - this is a Passion.
It's stronger than me.


An ant on a flower, of a meadow, by a small river, under the fragrant acacia trees, near to cool mountain, in morning pink sky with bright sun, behind clouds of cotton - it's an Inspiration. Perhaps the biggest. And yet is just an ant ...


There is hardly a more obsessive fragrance than the smell of freshly finished painting, steeped into the body - from the top down, from outside to inside.

When I paint - I dream, when I dream - I paint ...

I paint everyday. Over the hours when I don't paint, I think about the next painting, I imagine the next forms, textures, colour combinations ... I'm inspired through all the time and when I lose for some moments the inspiration, just a simple view, form, few words, scent, smile or sound is enough to start me up.

I love when in the morning enter the atelier, get my cup of coffee, open the window and start to lay down the colours on the canvas. Then the magic begins. Sometimes I lead, other time painting leads me, like a dance between man and woman. Sometimes like a fight or like a flight, sometimes like a calm conversation or like a free sky diving ...

It’s very emotional process. There is a dialog between me and the painting. Transmission of energy that comes from somewhere in the Universe, goes through my body and my hands, and materialize on the canvas. And I know that work is done when the painting starts to talk by itself. When it starts to tell a story like a good movie, like a good song, like a compelling novel … And I just step back, listening and watching at it.

Then the work is ready to makes it’s premiere. To tells stories and provokes other people, makes them think, revealing itself through the time, enriches their lives with the magic of it’s own creation.

That is my biggest contentment - to bring aesthetic art satisfaction and delight to the viewer, to share the pleasure of abstract art with everyone who apreciate it. And I’m thankful for that everyday emotional experience and for the moment when I chose to dedicate my professional life to the Art.
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