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kamen My name is Kamen Trifonov.
For more than 25 years of painting , I can say that I am just a lucky guy and every time when i finish a new work, I take a step back, stare for some minutes and say to myself: "A magic happened again!" ... with a smile. When I travel and look at Nature's contrasts and textures, lights and darks, warm and cold, sharp and smooth forms, endless colours and nuances, I take all this energy and put it on the canvas, again and again. I graduated Art at "National High School of Stage and Film Design" (1998) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. My atelier is located in the same city. I can’t wait to take a cup of coffee in the morning and to start painting there...

You can find all available artworks for sale on my shop at Saatchi Art

and on Singulart

Thank you for your interest in my art!



past event:
ART Chengdu 17 - 20 April 2014, International Art fair in China
The artist represented two oil paintings /"Mirror" and "Walk"/, at the International Art fair in Chengdu, China.
past event:
Exhibition "Contrasts" of artist Kamen Trifonov in Festa Pomorie Resort from 02.07 to 02.08.2013
Eleven paintings - oil, acrylic and mixed media chose Kamen Trifinov for his performance in the sea Festa Pomorie Resort ...
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